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Zip Now London was based at Archbishop’s Park near Waterloo in London in 2017 and 2018.


Zip Now operated as Zip World London in 2017. Zip Now returned in 2018 with a new name and brand.


New for 2018, Zip Now operated THREE 225 meter-long zip wires. This allowed friends and family to ride alongside each other for even more fun and thrills.

The wire started at 35 meters high. To give you some idea, that’s the height of 9 double-decker buses! From the top, you got a whole new perspective on London with views of Westminster and Battersea and much further afield.

Zip Wires are suitable for the whole family and require no previous experience or training. You’re securely clipped on to the zip wire so you don’t need to have a strong grip and you can’t fall off.


The Mega Drop freefall jump was located on the landing tower and allowed riders to take a more stylish exit than simply descending the stairs.

The Mega Drop required riders to take a step into the void, with a stomach-flipping freefall followed by a gradual slowing towards ground. It’s a bit like a bungee jump without the bounce.

Jump from a height of 15 meters and let Mega Drop catch you. No previous experience or training is required. It’s the perfect ending to your Zip Now experience.


Zip Now London operated the world’s first Augmented Reality zip wire experience, where riders experienced riding the longest zipline in the world from right here in London thanks to the latest Virtual Reality technology.

Created in partnership with the Ras Al Khaimah Tourism Development Authority (RAKTDA) visitors had the physical thrill of riding Zip Now London, whilst transporting themselves to the breath-taking setting of the Guinness World Record setting Jebel Jais Flight zipline, flying hundreds of metres in the sky at speeds over 100 mph.


Riding the zip wire is a great way to raise money for your chosen charity (and there’s a lot less training than running a marathon!).

Please contact us at so that we can help support your fundraising activity. We have special rates for charity groups of 6 or more riders