Our events are always designed to be as inclusive as possible. There are a very small number of restrictions that are imposed purely for safety reasons, principally riders cannot take part if:

  • they are under eight years old
  • they are pregnant
  • they have a heart condition.

There are also a small number of size limitations:

  • riders must be more than 1.2m (3ft 11in) tall and less than 2.1m (6ft 11in) tall to fit into the harness
  • riders can weigh no more than 120 kg due to the restrictions of the harnesses.

Riders with Disabilities

Given the requirement to:

  • climb at least 183 steps in London
  • climb a 5 metre vertical ladder in Cardiff,

riders must be capable of doing so. Unfortunately, we are not able to incorporate a lift into the temporary structures/roof spaces we operate on, to enable non-ambulant riders to take part. All ground floor structures are wheelchair accessible, and the safety video will have subtitles.

Free rides will be provided for carers, guides and mobility or sight assistants and specific time slots may be ring-fenced for exclusive use of those who may require more time to complete the experience. This can include people with learning disabilities, autism, and both hearing and sight impediments. For more information, please contact us.

Medical Conditions

For full and comprehensive information for riders with medical conditions and disabilities, please contact us and ask for a copy of our ACCESSIBILITY DOCUMENT.

Unfortunately Zip Now is not suitable if you:

– May be pregnant
– Have a heart condition
– Are unable to climb a steep
vertical ladder to the roof

– Are under 8 years old
*Children must accompanied by a
Riding adult, 1 child: 1 adult (Cardiff)

Riding adult, 3 children: 1 adult (London)

– Are over 120 kg

– Are taller than 2.1m
– Are shorter than 1.2m