Tickets & Extras

London 2019


Ticket types:

Standard Ticket Icon.png

Single Ride - Standard

Add your extras at check-out, details can be found below.

Early Bird Ticket Icon.png

Single Ride -Early Bird

Limited availability, only available online. Once they’re gone they’re gone!


Groups of 5 or more

The ticketing system will apply discount automatically. *10+ people? Please contact us.



Mega Drop Icon v2.png

Mega Drop

Not for the faint-hearted! A free-fall jump from our 12 metre landing tower. Select when booking ticket.

Repeat Zip

Go again right away whilst still kitted up. We dare you to launch backwards! Select when booking ticket.


Go-Pro Wrist Strap

The only approved mount for your action cam - and it’s yours to keep. Select when booking ticket.

Photo Package

Digital images of your ride & a GIF of your launch. One pack per rider. Select when booking ticket.